Tuesday, November 27, 2012

BBC Bungles It Again

I just watched a BBC story from Ramallah on the exhuming of Arafat's corpse in order to medically examine the remains and check for poisoning.

The question from the London studio by Geeta Guru-Murthy to reporter Richard Galprin (or was it Jon Donnison?) was:

"will Israel accept the findings?"


Will the Arabs accept them is the real question.

If he didn't die from poisoning but rather from a disease, or even...AIDS or some other exotic sickness, will the Arab public accept that?

Why is Israel the sole party to suspect as guilty by the BBC?


In 2005, the New York Times obtained a copy of Arafat's medical records, which it said showed he died of a massive haemorrhagic stroke that resulted from a bleeding disorder caused by an unknown infection.Independent experts who reviewed the records told the paper that it was highly unlikely that he had been poisoned.


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